Control Systems

Control systems are vital for a building or plant to function properly. At Singleton Electric Company, we design and install a variety of electronic control systems to help our customers manage multiple functions from on/off to monitoring and communications.

Our expert team works with your systems integrator to ensure your facility is equipped with the latest process control system (PCS) technology, and we perform all PCS work entirely in-house. We are capable of testing and field commissioning a wide-range of control systems and are well-versed in the design and construction of local custom control panels.

Singleton has 30 years of experience self-performing the following:

  • Installing programmable logic controllers (PLCS) wiring
  • Developing detailed loop and point-to-point drawings and logics connection diagrams
  • Wiring, such as field instruments to DCUs (Digital Cycling Units) and RIO (Remote Input/Output) cabinets and DCUs to head-end servers
  • Inside and outside plant fiber-optic splicing and connections