Broad Run Water Reclamation Facility


Loudon County Water


Ashburn, VA

Date Completed

September 2008



The Broad Run Water Reclamation Facility in Loudoun County, VA, is a new wastewater treatment center that treats 11 million gallons of wastewater every day. Singleton provided electrical contracting services for the facility, which included installing miles of new duct banks for the electrical infrastructure.

The incoming electrical service was 34.5kV, which was first stepped down to 13.2kV and eventually to 4.16kV and 480V. Singleton distributed the power to 16 different buildings across the Broad Run campus, many of which were critical to plant operations, via a central electrical plant with medium and low voltage switchgear, generators and transformers. This served as the hub for the plant-wide SCADA power monitoring system and is the central location for the plant’s fire alarm system.

The local utility had only one source available to the Broad Run facility, so Singleton included three 13.2 kV 2-megawatt generators with paralleling gear capable of open or closed transition in sync with the local utility power. The sheer size and critical nature of these generators required compliance with very strict testing and commissioning specifications. These generators are supplied by three 10,000-gallon exterior fuel tanks, which are monitored and controlled by a local SCADA system. Singleton ensured that load bank and emissions testing were performed to EPA and local standards.