FDIC Large Electrical Equipment Replacement


Federal Deposit and Insurance Corporation


Arlington, VA

Square Footage

140,000 SF

Date Completed

December 2019


Prime Contractor

Singleton is the prime contractor for the replacement of the electrical and mechanical equipment at the FDIC Virginia Square Phase I campus (VASQ I), a fully occupied and operational facility that must remain in service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The scope of work includes electrical equipment replacement in the central plant, Student Residence Center (SRC) and in the main electrical vault located in the basement. The project involved building a new electrical equipment room in the parking garage to house a new 4,000A 480V switchboard, (2) new 3,000A 480V ATS’s, (2) new 3,000A 480Vswitchboards, and (2) new 1,000A 480Vmotor control centers.  This equipment serves mechanical equipment that is critical to building operations. Singleton also installed (2) new 400A main switchboards served by the Utility Company as well as replacing a motor control center on the rood that also serves critical mechanical equipment. All outages had to be coordinated with building operations staff. All work was performed with no unscheduled outages to equipment or interruptions to building personnel.  Singleton self-performed all aspects of the electrical power distribution including installing switchgear and electrical infrastructure. We supervised the subcontracted work including mechanical, crane/rigging, painting, concrete pads, third party testing, and the Building Automation controls subcontractor.