NIH Building 10 F Wing Renovation


National Institutes of Health


Bethesda, MD

Square Footage

313,000 sq. ft.

Date Completed

August 2016



This project consisted of the complete phased renovation of 13 floors and a partial renovation of 2 additional floors of an existing active, working hospital on the National Institute of Health Campus in Bethesda, MD.  Each floor consists of office and support space, laboratories, and specialty rooms such as autopsy suites. The project has 4 large mechanical rooms, including the 14th floor which is entirely mechanical space. SECO installed over 100 panelboards and over 150,000’ of branch conduit in extremely congested ceilings.  The existing structure combined with new mechanical, electrical, and fire protection created an epic coordination effort to fit all the utilities above the ceilings. All the electrical wall rough-in had to be coordinated with other trades, the specialty casework, and the medical equipment. The renovation included a new fire alarm system, and empty conduit and tray for telecom and security systems.  The fire alarm system was completely replaced and integrated into the campus-wide loop.  

SECO also installed a new 15kV 2000kW generator and a new 15kV paralleling switchgear (pictured above) in MLP9.  Singleton installed this gear and transferred existing loads being fed from equipment in another vault while the hospital was operational and with no unplanned outages to the electrical service.  The paralleling gear portion of this project included providing new 15kV feeders from the new generator, intercepting and extending (2) existing feeder conduits and pulling new 15kV conduit to the new paralleling gear as well as installing a new 15kV feeder through a new Medium Voltage Interrupter switch within MLP9 to the new paralleling gear.  We laid out the equipment pad and provided structural support as required by the manufacturer which in this case were rails installed for mounting the gear. Singleton self-performed all splices and terminations including medium voltage splices and terminations.